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A nation of charlatans

By Dr Kebba Bojang

Our girl our goal

Tha Scribbler Bah


By Immortal X Alieu

Remembering Hamoudi

By Walid Bourgi

A poem

Gambian football and the way forward


By Ba S Jabbie


The national mobiliser for the ruling APRC has dismissed calls by international organisations urging President Jammeh not to sign into law the bill on aggravated homosexuality.

Expensive world

By Ba Jabbie

The Reawakening of SHE

By Lamin 'Sandengba' Jatta

They drank

Several gobelets several people,

They had only one aim

They had only one aim Seeking the pleasure of Rahman Whether it was Shaabaam

The Weeping of Mama Africa

By Pa Jean Carvalho

Must Read

Gambian Olympians Keep Shape Despite Covid-19 Hibernation

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and its toll on normal life, Olympians Gina Bass and Adama Jammeh and Olympic hopeful Ebrima Camara are still focused...

Blame France, Senegal, our Judases and IEC for the illegal military occupation of Gambia- not Sam Sarr

By Samsudeen Sarr It is becoming quite evident that some of my lousy critics are still entertaining their intersubjective misjudgment that the role I played...

A different experience in the People’s Republic of China

By Muhamed A Badjie Apparently, some people in The Gambia have been spreading falsehood about the People's Republic of China. They have been misleading the...

Lamin Darbo—right, Madi Jobarteh—wrong, President Barrow’s term cannot start in 2017

I invite reference to an eye-catching frontpage article published by my learned junior Barrister Lamin J Darbo, in the Monday 18TH May 2020, publication...

Letters: Apparent lack of preparedness in the opposition camp

  Dear editor, When governments are mired in indecisiveness, ineffectiveness and ambiguity and saddled with rampant corruption, people naturally look up to opposition group for alternative...